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Common Ground Movement - Philosophy - таба, видео

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Common Ground Movement - Philosophy - таба, видео

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Author: The Common Ground Movement
Song: Philosophy
tabbed by: mike

(Drop D tuning.   Both E strings go down a step to D)

Verse Chords


Chorus Chords

Chorus  (pluck G string inbetween chords)



If I could count all the times that I was called stupid
Count the times I was called smart
Would it ever equate to anything more than a crowd playing games with heart

>From the start I was blind
Unwind the rope around my bleeding neck
Steps to death
Since I can only walk forward
If forward is really a direction
My mental confusion is a philosophical highway
Wondering if there^Òs really anything such as my way
Did I ever have a way if a way was only relative to yours

Makes me think I^Òm a relative of yours
The same thing through a different lens of glass. Bend.
G we can comprehend more
Only to get stuck in the blend of using science to conquer
Disease, People, and Planet

G what^Òs up with my brain pathways?
Crossing lines, Jumping fences,
All to devise a way for me to survive
I jump up to reach high
But I land on the ground
Nothing travels as fast as my mind
And can read you quicker than my eyes
The sound in your voice
Who knew that light and sound Were so profound
A stairway to knowledge
The edge of it all Where zero equals infinity
I hear the call of nothing
An original something
I always try to be
But am I just lying to me
Since it^Òs just a word based on my philosophy
Donated from the people I met on this geography
Driving the cavalry

To ask questions only on the list
Watch my lips kiss
The air just to ponder how it got there
My hair still grows when I^Òm dead
And my foes will still flow when I^Òve lost my head
G will my friends still stay around?
Will my friends still stay around?

When my mental draws a stencil
I can^Òt always fill in the colours
Life ain^Òt painting by numbers
Lest you^Òre a sheep that blunders
And I^Òm seeking wonders
>From in and out
Thick to thin
To win is to lose
And to lose is to lose again
When a pen draws black and white
G I move to the grey
Since I don^Òt play the fence
But like to understand the game

Let me ponder thee
Biggest question
Which is the meaning of life
Understanding it must be all encompassing
To the animals, waves, suns, supernovas
Truth holders and nay-sayers
Such a big question For a limited brain layer
G I^Òm just a purveyor of constant thought
Unravelling plots that seem to exist

Until reality hits me with ten brick punches
Construction workers and lunches
Packed the night before
Conquer I blunder  I wonder I want to fuck shit up

Move to dark spaces and adjacent to the corrupt
G I can build a similar system
That don^Òt glisten but glow
Don^Òt divide but show
A similar path
To a democratic staff

Who aren^Òt concerned with the math
Lest they^Òre measuring their own dick size or breast size
I^Òm no longer wise
When I can^Òt learn everything
Can^Òt talk to every being
Can^Òt read every book in this life
And neither can you
G we compile together To measure
Our pleasure our pain
As a globe we^Òre so far away
>From how beautiful we truly could be

Killing our ancestry
Like we^Òre destroying in time
Destroy or alter the past
To make the present people blind
Enough to kill the future that^Òs neither yours nor mine

G let me be a tutor so you can mimic the message
And fuck the product, injected perspective
Screwing billions of people
Earth^Òs death is the sentence
While my sentence repentance
To my philosophical brain circles
I realize that nothing is universal
But the UNI Verse I burst between my lips
On a philosophical tip

No one is ever right unless they^Òre also wrong
No one is ever weak unless they^Òre also strong
But I tell ya that destroying is annoying
Water^Òs boiling
When the ozone layer is gone

Keep your perspective or philosophy
But don^Òt pray to whoever it be
That gives you the right
To fuck up my geography
I say it^Òs annoying water^Òs boiling
When the ozone layer is gone
SO keep your perspective or philosophy
But don^Òt pray to whoever it be
That gives you the right to fuck up my geography


Where did my world go when I flow like rivers and blood
To grow and love
I'm Stuck on the question leaves me open to protection
>From a spiritual projection
Don^Òt need a weapon where I^Òm stepping
Since I step into the dark with a heart and a spark
to ignite the fight to do it right
G I can sit back and relax
Smoke a joint not so busy with getting to the point
And no longer pointing fingers
G my question still lingers


Добавлено: 24.11.2013
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