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Common Ground Movement - Barbed Wired Walls - таба, видео

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Common Ground Movement - Barbed Wired Walls - таба, видео

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Author: The Common Ground Movement
Song: Barbed Wired Walls
tabbed by: mike

(Drop D tuning.   Both E strings down 2 a step to D)

Main Riff


Brand name fame games.. polutin my terrain.



Barbed wired walls
Echo consumption down dark halls
While I^Òm dreaming of the fall
Of the system
Sick of the suckers
Trying to be bigger than my mother Earth,
Reaching out in the search for pussy,
forget about birth
What^Òs it worth
If I didn^Òt make a price tag
For my fuckin body bag?

What a drag to be alone
With only my dome to roam
Deep holes and pockets
Looking for the key to unlock it
And I get shock-hit.
When I see you switch
In less than a second
To be something that you^Òre not
Sheep fall victim to corporations plot

G now I^Òm bought and sold
My ideas don^Òt even feel like mine
They just appear to be what Ive been told.
Conspiracy theories
Hitting me clearly
In the wrong direction
Since I want to do something
Not pursue my own protection

I can talk in weekend banter
While my slander
Hits brand name fame games
Polluting my terrain
Mimicking a mainframe
That ultimately has nothing to gain
When you all look the same
Originality is now just a word
Action is now reduced to a verb
What happened to my world
When I woke up in this life
Now I feel the fight has been lost
I get tossed to the ash
Society^Òs feats amass to what?

A bottle of pop?
Some bills?
A car?

G What^Òs a figure I can^Òt FIGURE out
to see your figure trying to be smaller or bigger
than the straight-laced look you gave me for being a crook,
reveal your crooked ways,
the meaning was never to get paid or laid,
my earth implodes concave,
To behave in a way
To make us engrave a swastika
On the planet deeper.
The Dinosaurs
Buried beneath the tar and granite
God damn it!!!

Barbed wire walls
Keeping in the good, selling illusions to the bad
My brain is going mad
In a way I escaped only to feel my earth quake
Right below my feet I don^Òt shake
I move while you stake your groove
Watch us lose at the price of being confused
We Elude to nothing

Watch my wheel lose a spoke
Wheel crushes while we choke
On a band-aid fix-it-up dream
Unclean from being in-between
past and future destruction clocks
Watch the sheep flock
To the corporate shopping block
When I struck a chord across a mountain
Human right is to drink from the fountain
Is to eat the apple
Not grapple for status
When you^Òll just die in the end
I^Òll die with you my friend
And I^Òd die for our sins
If I knew that we'd win a lighter idea

I Want something I can feel.

Добавлено: 02.11.2013
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