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Columbia - Nobody Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Columbia - Nobody Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nobody Home
 Song:      Nobody's Home
 Artist:    Columbia
 Album:     Demonstration
 Lyrics by: R. Amann/K. Connors
 Music by:  Amann/Connors/Peterson 

 Transcribed by: Kevin Connors (

 This file is best viewed in Courier New, or another monospaced font.


    e  A  D  G  B  E
Am7   - 5--7--5--5--5--5
Gm7   - 3--5--3--3--3--3
E     - 0--2--2--1--0--0
Esus4 - 0--2--2--1--3--3
D#9   - X--6--5--6--6--X
D9    - X--5--4--5--5--X
A#9   - X-13-12-13-13--X
A9    - X-12-11-12-12--X
Dm7   - X--5--7--5--6--5
Em7   - X--7--9--7--8--7
F     - 1--3--3--2--1--1
G     - 3--5--5--4--3--3
A     - 5--7--7--6--5--5

Riff 1:

Played on bass guitar, but throw it in there with the rhythm guitar when 
you're playing acoustically by yourself or in a band that has no bass.


Intro 1:

Rhythm guitar is played with Wah Wah Pedal.  For the Am7 and Gm7 parts, just 
strum the chords once and rock the Wah Wah a few times.  For the 9 chords, 
hit the sharp chord first and then slide down to the standard 9 chord and, 
like with before, rock the pedal and let the chord ring. 


*Dashes denote beats

Am7 - - - Gm7 - - - Am7 - - - E/Esus4 - - - 
D#9/D - - - D#9/D - - - A#9/A - - - E/Esus4 - - - - - - -

Intro 2/Verse/Guitar Solo:

This is your standard blues progression with a little bit of a jazzy feel to 
it.  The strum is also very jazzy, and easy to figure out by listening. It's 
played with a six-string electric doing the strumming and a twelve-string 
acoustic doing fingerpicking on the open versions of the chords.  Over the 
intro and the guitar solo, just jam out on the Am Pentatonic scale for your 

Am7 Dm7 Am7 Am7
Dm7 Dm7 Am7 Am7     X4
Em7 Dm7 Am7 Riff 1

After you play the progression for the 4th time, end by strumming the Am7 
once and then break.  Then...

Middle Bit:

F - G - A - - - G F  X4

The last verse is played with just the 12-string acoustic doing the 
fingerpicking.  Go through the progression, hit the bass riff and then end it 
on an Am7 chord, let it ring, and voila!  A modern jazz/rock instant classic.

Добавлено: 23.10.2013
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