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Colin James - Speechless - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Colin James - Speechless - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Colin James

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 11:08:02 -0600
From: Garry Ciambella 
Subject: j/james_colin/speechless.crd

Transcribed by: Garry Ciambella
I declare that this transcription is my own work.

Colin James
From the 1995 Warner Music Canada Ltd. recording Bad Habits
Also from Elektra USA recording Bad Habits

- more or less. I'm doing this by ear and it's just to get you going.
There's a
moderate amount of stuff going on in here. I tried to put in some
timing stuff
but follow along with the CD to get it right.

The somg is in the key of G in standard tuning. The riffs are mostly G major
pentatonic (played like E Minor pentatonic) or more likely the Em blues scale
(practically the same as the Em pent). There are a lot of bends and pull offs
and hammer ons (or is it pulls off and hammers on ) It is an instrumental

In a previous post of the same song Andrew Vlasov did a great job tabbing out
the whole melody that Colin plays on guitar. This is the rhythm part and
a few other little riffs that I hear in the song.

Intro chords -

G/// /// D-Em/// // F F#
G /// /// D Em /// D/ C/ Bm7/ Am7
or replace this by the following descent riff

e --------------------
B ---7---5---3---1----
G --------------------
D ---7---5---4---2----
A --------------------
E --------------------


G// Bm-C/ G/ D/// ////
G// Bm-C/ G/ D/// // Eb dim

Just pass through the Bm...
The Eb dim leads into the upcoming Em of the pre-chorus below Here
are a
couple of ways to play that chord.
EB dim   =  x6787x   or xx1212

Em/// G/// Em/// B7///
C/// Db dim/// D/ C/ Bm7/ Am7/
(or use the descent riff here)
(Db dim =  x45353   barre the 3rd fret

There's also a sliding riff on the G after the Em in the pre-chorus
could be a little off, but it's close enough for horsehoes.

e --127--------  
B --------7/8--- 
G --127-------- 
D --------7/9--- 
A --------------
E --------------

G/ D/ C/// (play 3 times)
F/ F#/ G/// (play this part, Hendrix-style...)
e -----------------------------------------
B ---10----------------11--------------12--
G ---10----10----10----11----11----11--12--
D ---10----10h12p10----11----11h13p11--12--
A ---10h12-------------11h13---------------
E -----------------------------------------

Repeat the verse /  pre-chorus / chorus (with hendrix riff 2x) and
finish like the beginning of the intro but finish on the Em.

G/// D Em

Good Luck,

If you learn this song from this post, drop me a note in my band's
guestbook and let me know how you made out.

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