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Cohen Jonathan And Stephen - Friend Of Mine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cohen Jonathan And Stephen - Friend Of Mine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Friend Of Mine
Cohen Jonathan And Stephen
Artist: Jonathan & Steven Cohen
Title : Friend of Mine (Columbine.
Album : WOW 2000

Wassuuuuup chillers? This is my first attempt at tabbing, and it's a
very, very simple song. It's about those horrible shootings at
Columbine High a few years back. Anyway, if this tab isn't 100%
accurate, it's certainly pretty close. The song doesn't have definite
verses or a chorus, so when I refer to "verse 1, verse 2" etc. I just
mean it's the next part of the song.

Also, if you wish to publish this file on any site or web page, feel
free. Just send me an email beforehand. (I like to keep track of where
my file might find itself.

PS. Please note that this file is all my own work. It was not taken
from any book or web site. Thank you.

Jonathan & Steven Cohen - Friend Of Mine (Columbine)

C D Em G

Verse 1:
C D Em G C C D Em G C D Em G C D Em

Verse 2:
G Em G G Em C Em G D

Verse 3
G D Em C D C D C D Em G D C D Em

Verse 4:
C D Em G D C G Em C D Em

Outro (A capella)

Questions, corrections, comments are welcome.
Jasper van Zyl (
Добавлено: 16.10.2013
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