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Cocteau Twins - Another Day - текст песни, видео

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Cocteau Twins - Another Day - текст песни, видео

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Your cat is alone
Your son has come home
Another day
She offers me
To bow unto me
On a flowered trail
She's at the door
She wants to score
She dearly means to say

I loved you a long time ago
Where the winds of forget-me-nots blow
On the drifts could I let myself go
Not knowing when I knew her
And what's to know?
How I wished that I had
Cause I'm feeling so sad
That I never had one of your children

And across the morning
You said it to me right
Our chance just wants to rest

And now that it's gone
We'll still hang on
In each other's dreams
I was taken
I had the words to may come
By the draft he'll means

And feel the juice run as she flies
Run my wings under her sides
As the flames of eternity rise
To lick us with the first born
Lash of dawn

And really makes here
I can see what we feel
Said I have a sense in between her hair

And at the door
We can't say more
Just another day
Only flung his arm
Onto who we are
And I walk away
Добавлено: 17.06.2012
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