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Cliff Richard - Peace In Our Time - текст песни, видео

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Cliff Richard - Peace In Our Time - текст песни, видео

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Go swiftly
 The flags and drums can hypnotise
 When glory has faded the dream 
 Is worth more than the prize
 A twisting turning flame
 And a freedom burning bright
 Knows all of the names
 And all of the games
 Of the yellow black and white
 We've gotta have faith
 To work it out
 Faith and hope
 Without any doubt
 Give us strenght to make a start
 Put a song in our hearts.....

 We're never gonna break down these walls
 And build a prison with the stone
 'Cos you and I know what love is worth
 We're gonna build heaven on earth
 We're running in the wheels of fortune
 Turning water into wine
 We're gonna take love and make it shine
 We're gonna find peace in our time

 Softly, softly
 When there is lightening in the sky
 When the rivers are rising and
 Trouble rolls in on the tide
 We'll keep on keeping on 
 'Til all the tears are dry
 We'll weather the storm and
 Welcome the dawn
 Of tomorrow you and I
 We've gotta have faith
 And get it fast, faith and hope
 And make it last
 Give us strength
 To reach the stars
 Put a song in our hearts

 Repeat chorus


 We're raisin' the dust
 It's heaven or bust
 And we'll see this dream come true
 We're gonna have faith.....(faith)
 The road will be long
 But there's hope.....(hope)
 To carry us on
 We'll have strength....(strength)
 We'll never go wrong
 With this song in our hearts

 Repeat chorus

 At the sign (sign)
 Of the dove
 It's gonna shine (shine)
 Shine (shine)
 Shine (shine)
 On a wing
 And a prayer
 We'll be fine

 Repeat chorus   'til fade
Добавлено: 19.06.2012
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