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Classified - Heavy Artillary - текст песни, видео

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Classified - Heavy Artillary - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Rockey Ninja)

{"I Live For The Moment"}
{"Class Got You Open"}

[Verse 1:]
Yo, Is You Ready For The Man Steppin In With The, Heavy Artillary
Both Hands Cocked To The Back, Ready And Willing
Spit Fire Over Tracks, Ain't Feelin Me
Judging How I Look, Not My Lyrical Abilities
Please, This Is For My People In The Background
Stayin Out The Limelight, Moldin How A Track Sounds
(Walk) With My Cap Down
(Class) Neva Back Down
(Weight) Do The Half Pound
(Fight) Till The Last Round
And Keep Movin, I'm Like Parker Lewis' Hair Lubes
I Gotcha Runnin Man, With Or Without Dance Moves
I Don't Get ???, Sometimes I'm Just Pissed Off
Drive By Your ? Wave Hi And You Get Flipped Off
And It's Like That, All I Do Is Write Raps
Drop Beats For Hype Tracks Smoke Weed For Nightcaps
Step Up, We Strike Back
Listen How We Word It
Always Underground But I Rise To The Surface

Getto You Dem Of The Heavy Artillery
That's Why All The Girls Them Love We
Flex With The Friends We No Flex With The Enemies,
Cause We Enemy We Wan' Come Hurt We,
And Them Whole An Apology
Cause Ya Know We Have The Heavy Artillery
Flex With The Friends We No Flex With The Enemies,
Cause We Enemy We Wan' Come Hurt We

[Verse 2:]
Yo And When I'm Dyin' At Home
I Want A Picture On My Headstone
My Microphone, Two Tables And My Headphones
Cross-Fader, ? In The Mpc
Restin Here? No, Producer / Emcee, But Let's Move
Sometimes I Wanna While Out And Wanna Let Loose
Puff Weed Drink Brews For An Excuse
I'm In The Wrong State Of Mind
All You Flashy Rappers Talk And I'm Here To Take Your Shine
Take You Props And Make Them Mine
So How Ya Like Me Now?
I See Your Temper Rise And You Wanna Strike Me Down
But I Will Stay Here, And Whether Or Not I Play Fair
Depends On These Rappers Actin' Like They're Needin' Daycare
Children, Stop Playin Start Buildin'
I Don't Care Who You Know Or If You Push The Hard Million
It's Hard Dealin', I'm Almost Ready To Explode
Everybody Wanna Hate But We Really Need To Grow, Lets Go


[Verse 3:]
Yo I See Ya Leanin On The Wall With Your Hands In Your Back Pocket
Actin' Hard, Like You Can't Feel This, Stop It!
I Know Some Rappers In The Place Really Can't Rock It
But When I Get Up On The Mic It's Always Hot Shit
Listen As I Take You Through This
Spit From The Heart, This Is Art More Than Music
Half Of You Are Clueless, Don't Know The Real
You Repeat What You Hear And Expect A Record Deal
I Live For The Moment, Class Gotcha Open
This Is That Shit Right Here, Still Boastin'
I See Through Ya And I'm Finished With The Small Talk
Done Wastin Time Son, You Guaranteed To Fall Off

Добавлено: 21.02.2012
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