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Classified - Feelin Fine - текст песни, видео

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Classified - Feelin Fine - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(feat. Jay BIzzy, Jordan Crouche)

[Jordan Croucher:]
I, oh I'm, feelin fine
(I'm alright, alright, alright)
And I, oh I'm, doin fine
(said I'm feelin fine)
Yes I am, oh ya

Now this is how the story all goes down
Give up the hoops, now I'm in the street round
Got in the booth just to lay this shit down
And let the world know about this sound
And I never ran, never will
Put in the work just to pay my bills
And everyday I struggle hard just to find
What I've been lookin for all my life

With all the madness in the world, I'm chillin' and feelin' fine
I'm buildin' these instrumentals and killin' em' wit brilliant rhymes
It's hard to get ahead, cuz we live in resiliant times
With children concealin' nines, we gotta be building minds
(Oh, Mr. Serious)
I guess I always feel inclined
Surround myself, only working with the realest kind
Jordan hold it down, let the people know the deal
Comming from the Maritimes, so tell em' how we feel

[Jordan Croucher:]
I, oh I'm, feelin fine
(I said I'm feeling fine)
(Do you feel it, can you feel it)
And I, oh I'm, doin fine
Yes I am, oh ya

I know it's hard to make it in this business
But I'mma try till' they say i'm insane
And if it never works out, I'm straight
I'm doin fine either way, its ok
And I, know my wrongs and my rights
Do everything to get the best of this life
And I'mma take it one day at a time
And keep trying to find ways to survive

[Jay Bizzie:]
I'm feelin great, this beat reminds me of a summer breeze
And I cant wait to get you home to have some fun with me
If you ever feelin lonely, and you need some company
Girl, you know that I'll be down in a minute
Then we can handle business, I'm runnin' late, this track is almost finished
JC and Classified, together like the Jackson five
Throw Bizzie in the mix, of course you know the track is live
We got the bongo, sing along, y'all know how this song goes

[Jordan Croucher:]
And I, oh I'm, feelin fine
Yes I am
And I, oh I'm, doin fine
Yes I am, oh ya

Now that we're comin to the end of this song
I gotta let you know I'll always stand strong
Because the lessons that I learned at home
My momma told me, 'baby hold your own'
And I appreciate the love you gave
Becuase it taught me how to walk this way
Talk this way, never be afraid
And I...

I (I said I, I I)
Oh I'm, feelin' fine
(Feelin fine', yes I am)
(Yes I am, I said yes I am)
I (I said I, I I)
Oh I'm, I'm, doin fine
(Doin fine, yes I am)
Yes I am, oh ya
Добавлено: 24.06.2012
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