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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Details Of The War - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Details Of The War - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Alec Ounsworth
Авторы текста: Alec Ounsworth
Details Of The War
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Song:  Details of the War
Artist:  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Album:  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Tabbed by the-ian

alright everyone, this is one of those situations where i heard a song and said "i've
got to learn how to play that", came up empty scouring the internet for tabs and
eventually said "oh hell i'll do it myself."

Bloody sheets
F            C        F
Tenderly she moves me
An opera star
F              C    F
Dying hard for love
You say I'm hurt
F                C
I will take your word

(chords same as verse 1)
Leather pants
A hundred dollars
Buy success
Hanging with your fashionable whores
And I'm a wounded bird
I will take your word

You and tom (you and tom)
To the prom (to the prom)
Camel dick (camel dick)
Crucifix (crucifix)
C              F               C    F
Everyone's the same and on and on
G                 F
Emerging from the football stands
G               F
Clinging to his broken hand
     C           F             C
It's over I have seen it all before

(chords same as verse 3)
Nakedness (nakedness)
A flying lesson
Tattered dress
Sunburned chest
You will pay for your excessive charm
With a boy who knows
Less than he thinks
Drinks up his expensive drinks
Be careful with the details of the war

(repeat C  F to fade)

- in verse 1, each chord is strummed only once.  in the other 3 verses a standard
strumming pattern is used.
- in case you're really old school and double up on the guitar and harmonica, the
harmonica chord played repeatedly at the end is just blowing into holes 6&7
simultaneously on a standard C harp
Добавлено: 18.03.2012
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