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Clannad - Ta 'Me Mo Shui - текст песни, видео

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Clannad - Ta 'Me Mo Shui - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: [traditional]
Авторы текста: [traditional]
TГЎ mГ© mo shuГ­
(I am sitting)

TГЎ mГ© mo shuГ­ Гі d'Г©irigh'n ghealach arГ©ir
Ag cur tein-e sГ­os-go buan is ГЎ fadГі go gГ©ar
TГЎ bunadh a' tГ­ 'na luГ­ is tГЎ mise liom fГ©in
TГЎ na coiligh ag glaoch 'san saol 'na gcodladh ach mГ© 
 I am sitting up since the moon arose last night
Putting down a fire again and again and keeping it lit
The family is in bed and here am I by myself,
The cocks are crowing and the country is asleep but me. 
'Sheacht mh'anam dГ©ag do bhГ©al do mhala is do ghrua
Do shГєil ghorm ghlГ©-gheal fГЎr thrГ©ig mГ© sionnach na lГєb
Le cumha do dhiaidh nГ­ lГ©ir dom an bealach a shiГєil
Is a charaid mo chlГ©ibh tГЎ na slГ©ibhte 'dul idir mГ©'s tГє 
 I love your mouth, your eyebrows and your cheeks
Your bright blue eyes for whose sake I stopped hunting the wily fox
In longing for you I cannot see to walk the road
Friend of my bosom, the mountains lie between me and you. 
Deiridh lucht lГ©inn gur claoite an galar an grГЎ
Char admhaigh mГ© Г© is Г© 'ndiaidh mo chroГ­ istigh a chrГЎ
Aicid rГі-ghГ©ar, faraor nГЎr sheachain mГ© Г­
Is go gcuireann sГ­ arraing is cГ©ad go gГ©ar trГ­ cheart-lГЎr mo chroГ­ 
 Learned men say that love is a fatal sickness
I never admitted it until now that my heart is broken:
It's a very painful illness, alas, I have not avoided it,
And it sends a hundred arrows through the core of my heart.

Casadh bean-tsГ­ dom thГ­os ag Lios BhГ©al an Átha
D'fhiafraigh mГ© di an scaoilfeadh glas ar bith grГЎ
Is Г© dГєirt sГ­ gos Г­seal i mbriathra soineannta sГЎimh
"An grГЎ a thГ©id fГЎn chroГ­ nГ­ scaoiltear as Г© go brГЎth"

 I met a fairy woman at the Rath of Beal an Atha
I asked her would any key unlock the love in my heart
And she said in soft simple language
"When love enters the heart it will never be driven from it".
Добавлено: 10.03.2012
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