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Clannad - Neansai Mhile Gra - текст песни, видео

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Clannad - Neansai Mhile Gra - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
A NeansaГ­, 'mhГ­le grГЎ, a bhruinneall 'tГЎ gan smГЎl
Go bhfeice mise'n t-ГЎdh 'gus an sГ©an ort
Ba ghile do dhГЎ lГЎimh nГЎ cГєr geal na trГЎ
NГЎ'n eala 's Г­ a' snГЎmh ar an Г‰irne
Is glaise liom do shГєil nГЎ braon beag den drГєcht
Is binne liomsa tГє nГЎ na tГ©adaГ­
'S mur' n-Г©alaГ­ tusa liomsa titfidh mГ© i lionndubh
'Gus cuirfear insa chill 'do dhГ©idh mГ©

Is iomaГ­ sin guth mnГЎ a chluinimse 'ngach aird
Abhus agus taobh thall den Г‰irne
Go Corcaigh na gCuan 's go BГ©al Ath' na Sluaigh
'SГ­ NeansaГ­ 'thug bua ar a' mГ©id sin
A Mhuire 'gus a Dhia, nГЎrbh aoibhinn deas Г©'r saol
DГЎ mbeinnse agus Г­ le chГ©ile?
TrГЎthnГіna aoibhinn ciГєin, Гі mise 'gus mo rГєn
Ag cogarnaГ­l ar uaigneas slГ©ibhe

Beir litir uaimse suas chuig NeansaГ­ chaoin na gcuach
Is aithris di gur buartha atГЎ mГ©
Aithris di arГ­s nach gcodlaГ­m fГ©in aon oГ­che
Le harraing atГЎ trГ­ mo thaobh deas
Aithris Г© dГЎ sГєil, aithris Г© dГЎ cГєl
Aithris Г© dГЎ mГ©in mhaith chГ©illГ­
Aithris Г© dГЎ ceann 's dГЎ bГ©ilГ­n atГЎ binn
Gur ghiorraigh sГ­ go cinnte mo laetha'


Rise up, ye stalwart men
And put the pitch alight on your torch sticks
Vanquish those who would do us evil
And establish the rule of France
And oh woman of the house, what ails you?
Oh woman of the house, in two years or three
From this year out the land will be rent free
And oh woman of the house, what ails you?
Here's a jug on the table and the beer's coming
And the Duke of York has sufficient arms
The French and the Spaniards at the shore's edge
And how bitter that is than woman's chatter
Alas and alack when I was young
Two years old and no evil thought in my mind
That I didn't join the King's navy or army
Instead of spending my life looking after you

May my back be broken under this weight
If I ever come back to bring you sorrow
And so many women from here to the Blackwater River
That would go along the road with me and have a drink
Добавлено: 17.05.2012
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