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Circus Monkey - It Couldnt Be Anne - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Circus Monkey - It Couldnt Be Anne - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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It Couldnt Be Anne
Circus Monkey

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:46:17 -0400
Subject: c/circus_monkey/it_couldnt_be_anne.crd

    This is an interpretation of the song  It Couldn't
Be Anne by Circus Monkey and it is a creation of my own work.
Although Circus Monkey is actually a fictitious band, this is
an incredible song. The fictional band is the brainchild of 
songwriter Greg Kendall who writes four songs for the band, 
a fabulous song for another band named Tacklebox, and two 
other good sounding scores.  All these are included on the 
soundtrack and in the movie Bandwagon. Bandwagon is my 
favorite movie and as i said has great music but it is 
virtually unheard of. It was a Sundance Film Festival 
presentation and has never gotten much attention. My
favorite band is the Connells who are also extremely
underrated and through loving their music is how i stumbled 
upon Bandwagon. Ex-drummer John Schultz became a Hollywood 
director and thus asked longtime Connells lead singer Doug
Macmillan to star in the film. Because of its independent 
style release... this movie and soundtrack are hard to find 
and expensive as well. I regret that not many people will 
hear this wonderful music or see a darn good and funny movie.  
Damn the mainstream    If you like music you will love this 
movie especially if you play an instrument yourself. If you 
have any questions or would like this song emailed to you 
... email me.

Finally a movie about a band 

Thursday, March 29, 2001 (4:16 pm est)  Circus Monkey
email  :           It Couldn't Be Anne
submitted by  :  Matthew Seaford            Milan Records

guitar 1 = acoustic with and without overdrive 
              (uses light overdrive throughout song around 3)
guitar 2 = electric with overdrive (uses medium overdrive 
               around 5 or so until last solo riff where 
               overdrive is up to around 7 and finishes song at 
               that level)

*this song is easier than the tab shows... just listen to  
song and you'll get all the timing, sorry i am so detailed 

*INTRO (0:00)        /guitar 1= acoustic (no overdrive)/ 
PLAYED TWICE   ...this part is difficult to tab exact
                         so listen to the song to get it
                   these are strummed once and held for a half 
                   second, then strummed quickly 2 times with 
                   an up, up, down stroke or down, up, down 
                   stroke. then a quick down and up just before 
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