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Cimorelli - Call Me Maybe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cimorelli - Call Me Maybe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Call Me Maybe
Call Me Maybe - Cimorelli and MattyBRaps

Cadd9    Cadd9

[verse 1]

Cadd9                 G                            Cadd9
We met this rapper online, He's so adorable, he's nine
                         G                       Cadd9
Yeah back up ladies he's mine, You're getting my way
                      G                          Cadd9
He makes good videos too, Invite him out to our shoot
                      G                        Cadd9
His older brother is cute, still getting in my way
                      G                                Cadd9
I love this lip gloss Hey, that's the one that I bought, Look
I can't tell from this spot, where you think you're going.. pinch me

C                G - D - D                  G - C - C
Hey we just met you         And this is crazy
                 G - D - D 
You're so adorable         Thanks, but I'm not a baby
C                        G - D - D                G - C - C
I bet all the other girls,         Try to chase you!
                 G - D - D
Look how precious          That's nice but I'm not a baby
C                 G - D - D                     G - C - C
Hey I just met you,         And they're all crazy
                      G - D - D 
I like your hat though          Thanks, it's Matty,baby!
C                           G - D - D                   G - C - C
I'm used to all the girls,            so it don't faze me
                    G - D - D 
Let's take a picture         Say cheese, Matty baby

[verse 2]

Cadd9                                      G
I'm like yo! even Though i'm not grow up Big, 
I wanna do me do me can I live. 
My flow that's for, not you wanna play with, I mean
Hey matty need a friend?
That's cool i'm just trying to clean my head, 
This rap's is the last I ever lived, 
I can see my blowing big on tour on tour!
You win the cutest award   Umm, hey we're talking
G                             Cadd9                       G
Yes, that's why we're stalking Let's go "And we're walking"
This is going on youtube, I give up!

[chorus 2]

C                    G - D - D               G - C - C
Wait, we just met you,       and this is crazy
                           G - D - D 
I dig this enthusiasm ladies,        but I'm not a baby
C                    G - D - D                   G - C - C
And all of my friends,        think you're amazing
                            G - D - D 
So do you have a girlfriend? Oh DANI! He's just a baby
C                       G - D - D                   G - C - C 
Look! I just met you all,         And you're very crazy (I know right)
                   G - D - D 
So here's my number,        so call me maybe!
C                  G - D - D             G - C - C 
And all of us girls,         Drive me crazy
                       G - D - D 
Think you're the cutest,         teenage crazy town Stop!

C                    G - D - D                    G - C - C
Before he came into our lives we missed him so bad
                    G - D - D 
we missed him so bad,  I missed him so bad!
C                     G - D - D                      G - C - C
I guess they'll never realize but they should know that
                       G - D - D                      C
But they should know that       Hey can we wear your hat?

G - D - D    G - C - C

Requested by Sylvie at Laugh and Learn
Добавлено: 27.07.2015
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