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Church Of Rhythm - Take My Hand - таба, видео

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Church Of Rhythm - Take My Hand - таба, видео

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		   Author/Artist: Church of Rhythm
Title: Take my Hand
Album: Not Perfect
Transcribed by: Brian Germer (Soul Detergent Music)

For more COR tabs:

This one is in standard tuning and goes something like this...

Intro: The intro riff below isn't totally accurate, but it gives the general idea.
*Use a vibrato effect for this part:


  Bass line- intro & chorus    Heavy Lead-in riff                             

  Verse riff                                Lead part over Lead-in riff**

Order of Song:

Intro riff
Intro bass line x4
Heavy Lead-in riff  x4
Verse 1:  (use verse riff)

Tell me brother tell me
Where have you been to?
You know you've been gone a while
And I prayed you'd make it through
If I never said it, you'd make it through
And I hope you know my friend that your place is next to mine

Chorus (chords over above bass line)
F#M              EM 
Take my hand and lift it up
And together we will stand
And they'll know us by our love   (brother brother)

Heavy lead-in 4x

Verse 2:

Forgive me my friend
If I don't hear you right,
I won't always understand
The darkness of your night
But if my love isn't bigger than your fears
The day that you come back home, I will gladly say through tears

Intro bass line x4
Heavy lead-in x8 **(play the lead part the last four times)

Note:  There is a second guitar using a Wah, but the parts are so simple that I didn't bother
to tab it.  If you want to play it, just play a high F# and rock the pedal the pedal with the

Music and Lyrics: Max Hsu
c1996 CorFour music/ASCAP     
Добавлено: 28.08.2013
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