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Church Of Rhythm - Matter Of Time - таба, видео

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Church Of Rhythm - Matter Of Time - таба, видео

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		   Author/Artist: Church of Rhythm
Title: Matter of Time
Album: Not Perfect
Transcribed by: Brian Germer

**The tuning for this one is down a half step, (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb).

Chords:   EbM     Bbsus4   Cmaj7     Ab2     Gm*use thumb                   

Lead Fill 0:55                                                               

Verse 1:

Bbsus4   EbM              Bbsus4  Cmaj7          
          The rain fell down          in my life today
Bbsus4   EbM              Bbsus4  Cmaj7
                    and I almost  drowned
Bbsus4   EbM              Bbsus4  Cmaj7
            Sometimes the happiness     just all fades away
Bbsus4   EbM              Bbsus4  Cmaj7
                   And it can't be found
      Cmaj7      Bbsus4      Cmaj7      Bbsus4
But I won't give up    No, I won't give in
      Cmaj7     Bbsus4       Cmaj7      Bbsus4 
cause after the night  a new day will begin

       EbM                     Ab2 
Oh the sun will come up, gonna shine again
        Cmaj7                    Ab2  Bbsus4
See the clouds roll away and the rain end
       Ebm                 Ab2  
I know after it all I will live again
     Cmaj7            Ab2   Bbsus4
It's only a matter of time
         EbM                     Ab2 
Till I'm back on my feet and I'm standing tall
      Cmaj7                 Ab2      Bbsus4
No it won't keep me down, I will not fall
       EbM                            Ab2        Bbsus4
I know you're by my side, you help me through it all
       Cmaj7           Ab2   Bbsus4     
You're with me all the way

Verse 2:

The waters rise above my head
It's a churning flood 
Make me feel like givin' in
or even wish that I was dead
But then you pull me out
And you lift me up to a higher place
to a refuge of hope, sheltered in your embrace


Gm                          Cmaj7 
When storms arrive and vile tempests blow
Gm                           Cmaj7
There's only one safe harbor that I know
Gm                               Cmaj7
You calm the storm, you calm the raging sea
Gm                           Cmaj7     Bbsus4
And you will never turn your love from me


Words and Music: Max Hsu
C1996 CorFour Music/ASCAP
Добавлено: 11.08.2013
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