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Chthonic - Invasion - текст песни, видео

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Chthonic - Invasion - текст песни, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге

 支那中土 呼四路
 眾頭神閥 整旗鼓
 匯結氣 梟靈集
 繫肅心 全此役



 故掠方土 即映眼簾
 諸要軍首 迷陣開延
 備齊戰策 進犯原界

 '諸漢神將兵眾 隨吾閻羅 親做先鋒
 判死生 斷冥空 勇赴番界 消前仇'

 雲霧游 戰氣迫逼
 崩火光 碎石浮飛空懸
 地動 山搖河暴
 生靈魄聚 漫空四射光綻

 殺 撕裂寧靜 撼動原界
 大軍迫逼 邊防頓時併血
 漢神先鋒 懷支那天土之夢
 戰 邊防見侵 原神抗抵
 神界混殺 血濫地
 邊神將 必死心
 奮抗敵 保原域

 '眾漢神將 豈敢再犯原界吾疆
 吾原神眾兵力雖懸殊 亦不懼戰'

 狂 漢神心喪 百萬軍馬
 肆殺原疆 溢進無限兵將

 閻羅北進 如來南侵

 哀 祖靈海神 邊防要軍

 震母島 邦稷搖
 諸郡陷 萬靈危

 [English version:]

 rode with gloomy wind and magical clouds
 soldiers equipped with devine weapons
 marched to waste land.

 the headquater of sina ordered four armies
 the leaders put armies into battle array
 all minds were the same one
 light to win the final war
 everyone got excited to kill

 rode with gloomy wind and magical clouds
 soldiers equipped with devine weapons
 marched to waste land.

 the land once occupied came to their eyes
 there was millions soldiers defenced on the border.
 the sina leaders exployed their troops
 used the strategy for attack
 sea moved and waves whirled into sky

 "all troopers of sina gods, follow me!!the envory will be your vanguard!defeat them!march into frontier for revenge!

 before attack,there was only slience suddenly rocks blew up to sky
 earth shook,mountain collapsed river flooded thunder rolled all mortal gathered.

 kill tore tranquillity shock the isle
 as armies marched,barrier turned into crimson
 the sina gods
 had the dream of dominion
 fought fot harass againist isle's gods
 to disguise their ambitions

 isle gods resisted in the barrier
 gods killed each other,bloof spilled over
 all isle gods decided
 to kill enemy for guard

 "眾漢神將 豈敢再犯原界吾疆
 吾原神眾兵力雖懸殊 亦不懼戰"

 anger. sina gods went crazy millions troopers
 riding horses come for holocaust.
 enrow in north
 rulai from south
 seven minoh followed behind them
 they lost their minds, killed for genocide
 tragedy! all the isle's gods and armies
 were slaughtered and dead in seaside.
 the isle was shocked. its state quaked.
 the lands were lost. souls were endanger
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