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Christian Bautista - I Want To Be - таба, видео

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Christian Bautista - I Want To Be - таба, видео

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Title      :	I Want To Be
Artist     :	Christian Bautista
Album      :    Captured

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: D-G-D-G

 D                     G
Don't wanna talk, don't wanna try

Don't wanna scream our loud

 G                          D                   
How do I make you mine, I don't wanna change your mind

Don't wanna know who's wrong or right

Don't wanna say goodnight

I'm not good with goobdye

  Em             F#m                        G
So let me know the signs, Let's say we're running out of time


     D         A                             
I wanna be everthing more trhan you'll never need

 G              Em      A     D                 
I know, I wanna be the one, I could give anything

 A                               G       Em          G pause
To be what you want me to be, I know, I wanna be the one

 D                 G
Don't wanna see, don't wanna fight

Bm                           G             
Don't wanna go bak home, I'm in no shape to drive

 D               G          D           G    
Don't wanna make you cry, Don't wanna leave us for behind
 Bm                          Em                 
I don't wanna break out, If it's a day, then let's stil try

 F#m             G
So we make it all alive

Repeat Refrain


I don't wanna live without you

Don't even think I know to

  Bm                   E
There must be a way to be

     G                A
And start all over again

Repeat Chorus


Don't wanna talk

Don't wanna try

I don't wanna say goodbye

I'm not good with goodbye

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
Добавлено: 17.08.2013
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