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Christian Bautista - Break Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Christian Bautista - Break Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Break Me
Christian Bautista
Title: Break Me
Artist: Christian Bautista
Album: A Gary Valenciano All-Star Tribute Collection

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Intro: D-Bbdim7 2x

 F#m                     Bsus4
Now words are left to be spoken
    E                      G
When all my promises are broken 
  F#m                        B
And all excuses I have used in justifying
  Abm                        C#m
My actions move me so much closer to the fire
         A               F#        A   
But now I know, Seems I've lost my soul


  D        Em   F#7      Bm         
Make me and take me, can you find me in this world
I've chosen and never let me go
   D          Em  F#7       Bm       
Hold me and mold me,and if there's no other way
            G       F#m         Em  A
To make me whole, go ahead and break me
       F#  Bm      Em              E
Then remake me, hold it on I won't give up
     A                        D Gm
Coz I know you wont give up on me

F#m                     B
Grow weary of my ways pretendng, 
  E                     C#m        F#       A
Showing I'm okay when I am hurting But now I know
   F#          A
Time to find my soul

(repeat chorus)

             F#                 Bm
I've been too proud, and know I dont know where to go
And like the son who came back home
I'm giving you mu life, my mind, my heart, my soul
I'm trusting you enoguh to break me
 Em          A  D-Em-F#
Then to make me whole

Can you find me in this world
I've lost and never let me go...
D             Em F#
Hold me and mold me
And if there's no other way,

             G                  Em      A
To make me whole, Go ahead and break, break me
        F#7    Bm                   Em  F#m
Gently remake me, hold it on, I won't give up
Coz I know you won't give up
    Em          A       D
You're neber given up on me
No, No, No, No
   A                     D
You're never given up on like me
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