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Chris Sedgwick - Down She Goes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chris Sedgwick - Down She Goes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Down She Goes
Chris Sedgwick
Aadd9                   D                   E   D         E     
Down she goes head over toes If I was lonely, or if I was sad
D            E            D                  E            Aadd9
and if i never had all the good things that I had, in my life
Aadd9            D                   E   D               E      
Lady stay, one more day, you'll never be lonely, you'll never be sad
D               E          D                         E           Aadd9
You never, never gonna miss all the good things you never had, in your life

Cause in and out and up and down and round and round she goes
              D                    Aadd9
She's trying every way to make it, cause she still ain't learned to take it, no
And by and by, and through and through and in a while she'll come back home
    D                         Aadd9
and leave again tomorrow, as though she finds herself through sorrow
        D              E      D          Aadd9
Lord she's taking all the living out of loving

Aadd9           D                              E   D             E      
Truthful eyes telling lies You'd never believe it, not believe it was true
D               E                D              E          Aadd9
But the only love we ever had was the love we had from you, but that's life

Aadd9                    D                      E        D            E
One more day, one more play I know my lies up my heart now, I know the right thing to say
D               E                   D           E        Aadd9
I know I'm gonna get hurt myself and I'll fall in love some day, but that's life

Добавлено: 29.11.2015
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