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Chris Rea - Evil No.2 - текст песни, видео

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Chris Rea - Evil No.2 - текст песни, видео

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They call me love 
They call me dear 
They kiss off and leave me 
For their own career
I got a satellite dish, I'm all alone 
With my little goldfish 
And eminem, em on my headphones
You heard that yet? You will!

Selfish pigs put the blame on me 
So hacked off what I came to be 
I'm off the tracks 
Now I'm all at sea
They like jogging more than they like me 

I'm evil
Evil no.2

Then need to have something,
Becomes the seed to have anything 
The lonely tears have dried up 
And the brain cells start to fry
My heart cries out for new things 
Turns to anything will do things 
My left sides like a train crash 
Form all the things I tried 

I was so scared 
I was lonely 
I got mixed up
Now I'm only 

I'm evil
Evil no.2

Mummy and daddy's on prozac
Said they're happy but
They won't be back 
I hope they have a heart attack 
'Cos of what they done to me 

They left me for a wine bar 
They left me for the wrong car 
I dunno how I got this far 

I'm evil
Evil no.2

Eminem ain't so far away from this 

Mummy got a boyfriend 
Daddy got a girlfriend
Gotta go away at weekends 
I tell you what I'll do
Take every pill that I see
You can do what you want to me 
I'm only trying to break free 
From the evil that you do 

I'm evil
Evil no.2
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