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Chris Ledoux - Our First Year - текст песни, видео

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Chris Ledoux - Our First Year - текст песни, видео

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The winter wind was blowin when we loaded that old truck

With a few things that we had and all our dreams.

With my new bride there beside me we headed down the road

I would show her places and things shed never seen

First we went to denver, fort worth, then san antone

She cheered me on at every rodeo,

But houston finally ended and then san angelo

I didnt want to tell her but she knew that we were broke.


But she never complained when the winnins didnt come

She just took it all in stride,

And if I rode good or bit the dust, she was just as proud

She was happy bein by my side

Then in california the baby started showin

And all her clothes were gettin way too small

We couldnt spare the money to buy her any new ones

She just wore my shirt and jeans and didnt mind at all.

And early in the mornin wed wake up by the roadside

Id build a fire and shed get out the eggs

Shed cook us up some breakfast then wed sit down there on the grass

Lord, those were the best meals I guess I ever ate.


Well now those days are over, and somehow we got ahead

That little gal I marrieds still here with me

We finally got the house we planned down there beside the stream

And all those old hard times are just cherished memories.


She was happy bein by my side.
Добавлено: 13.01.2014
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