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Chris Janzen Band - Take - таба, видео

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Chris Janzen Band - Take - таба, видео

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Artist:THe Chris Janzen Band
Written:Chris Janzen
Album:Not sure
Tabbed by Sean Kennedy(

THis is a really sweet song by Chris.  It's fairly simple too.  I Play 
this song quite abit at youthgroup.  Please excuse me if I mess up.  
This is my first time tabbing something out on computer.  This song is  
in bar-chords but I'll tab it out 'cuz I know alot of people who can't 
read chords, only tab.  You can fiddle around with this song quite a 
bit.  Here's my Humble opinion:  When you get to the chorus, flick on 
the distortion and play power chords.  I will Tab power chords, but if 
you're one for a clean sound...I'll post the bar-chords just for you.
  There you go, that's the verse.  It just repeats that until the chorus 
which is:

strummed(optional dist.)
    A    G        D                 A     G       D
    Take my heart make me your own.  Pour me out from your heart I 

will go.

That's it!! Here's the words...just in case you don't get out much.

Take all that I have
I give it to you
Cause all that I have 
Is worthless without you
What gold can keep me warm
From the darkness and the bitter cold
But the raging fire
You put in my soul

Take my heart
Make me Your own.
Pour me out
From your heart I will go.

There you go.  The full set.  I'm really excited about this, so I'll 
probably do more.  Have fun with the song, God bless and play with your 
heart-not your head.

send any Questions, comments, or requests(or tips on how to spell)

        Sean Kennedy   
Добавлено: 09.10.2013
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