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Chris Hendricks Band - Anthem - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chris Hendricks Band - Anthem - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chris Hendricks Band
Anthem Song – Chris Hendricks Band

Standard Tuning - EADGBe

B                              C#m
Sometimes when you wake up and you can't get outta bed 
         F#m                           B
With the world on your shoulders and a pounding in your head 
          B                              C#m
When your drowning in the water woah and you can hardly breathe 
          F#m                             A             E
Find the motion in the ocean.  Hold your head up and believe that 
        Abm                    C#m 
You got no real reason to feel down 
Ebm                    C#m
Listen to my brand new sound 

                  B                          F#m
Woaaah this is my anthem, sung to all of you people 
                 Abm                     B
If your faith is shaken, listen and be stable 
                  B                       F#m
Though the rain is heavy and the road is long 
 A                      E                         B
Sing it with me and be strong.  This is my anthem song. 

            B                             C#m
When your will seems to be leaving on the last train home
            F#m                                          B
When you lose track of your love, and forget where you come from 
         B                         C#m
Take a lesson in the rhythm go on rock out to the rhyme 
           F#m                                    A
Keep the beat square underneath your feet and you might make it out 
this time 
             Abm                 C#m
Cuz you got no real reason to be wrong.  
Ebm                  C#m
Listen to my brand new song 

B                             C#m
Jack be nimble jack be quick, jack jump over that candlestick 
F#m                                             A                E
But sometimes he slip sometimes he fall and the whole wide world don't matter at all 
B                                   C#m
Then Jack meet Jill she kinda cute, baby ain't nobody ever bullet proof 
F#m                                                  A             E
Here's a little bitty piece of God's simple truth.  I love you the way you are.  

B                  C#m                  Ebm                         E
Rise up now y'all, Rise up now y'all.  Rise up now y'all. Come on rise up. 

Repeat Chorus
A                        E                       B
Sing it with me and be strong... this is my anthem song.

Добавлено: 24.04.2012
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