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Chris Brown - How I Feel - текст песни, видео

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Chris Brown - How I Feel - текст песни, видео

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Yeah, is how I feel, right?
It's only me right? ha
It's like, ha

I was fifteen, a virginia ni**a with ambition
Young, but I envision f*ckin them bad bitches
Live my life with no regrets
I try to show respect but you don't give it,
I guess you don't understand when it might take me a life time to take it back, but it  might take you a life time to know the facts yeah, just because i'm different it don't mean you distant, and if you kill a man ain't no way to bring 'em back,

Yeah, they say it's mind over matter, but what we livin' for, what really matters,
Some ni**as silver spoons just on the platter,
And other ni**as is doomed just for disaster,
All alone sleeping in my bedroom, as I wet the sheets momma gon' be dead soon Cause a man beat her, but he don't realize she imported to this family like a f*ckin' heirloom,

Yeah, a ni**a still finds his way out, record deal came a ni**a played out,
My momma livin' good, she's taking days out,
The same boy all that hard work payed out,
500 racks for a hour show, but ain't go never do no 60 minutes interview,
Cause all you wanna do is switch my words up, and all I wanna do is flip my birds up,

Kinda tipsy of that red rum murda,
I'm a singing ass ni**a know you heard of, me,
Every day my click stuntin' ni**as talking down but imma make em' put them words up,
I had said all I had to say, what else?
C**ck suckers low blowin' under my belt, yeah they hanging from the tip, they tryna get a sip, don't let them get a grip, i'm pissin' on them myself,

Nineteen, a ni**a went through a tragedy,
Three years, a ni**a just found a better me yeah, you might find another lover,
But you always started with Breezy like the letter B,

Nightmares feelin' haunted thinkin: "Do I really like this star sh*t?"
Ha, because fame ain't freedom and this diamond chain on me mean they hold you high stich,

Now I got alot of offers, telling me that the way they closing they wanna be my sponser, but when a ni**a fall off again, they'd be like: "Awful" and they gonna smile up in your face just like: awesome, great, wait,
Police and a thug can I relate,
I guess that's why this war is on drugs is the debate,
So imma keep on living my life from day to day, learn from my mistakes..
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