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Chris Brown - Fine China - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Chris Brown - Fine China - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Fine China
Chris Brown
I've been looking all over for the chords to this dope song but couldn't find 
anything that sounded remotely like the recording, so I just figured it out 
myself. This is my first tab by the way so bear with me. 

Artist: Chris Brown
Song: Fine China
Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Key: Eflat

There are some quick chord changes in the song that are hard to depict in the tab. 
Listen to the recording a couple times so you can get the rhythm down pat.

In brackets are the optional bass notes and extra pitches, they're there just to 
add a little spice and flavour to the piece.

Ebm9        x6466x 
Ebm9(#9)    x6467x
Ebm9/A#     6x466x
G#m7        4x444x
A#m7        6x666x
B7M         7x887x


Ebm9        (#9)         (/A#)
Baby, does he do it for you?

Ebm9                                        Ebm9
When hes finished, does he step back and adore you?

            G#m7    A#m7 B7M                                     Ebm9
I just gotta know 'cause your time is money and I wont let him waste it

Oh no no


G#m7 A#m7 B7M    Ebm9    (#9)    (/A#)
Hes so replaceable

G#m7 A#m7  B7M  
You're worth the chase you're putting on


Its alright,

(#9)       (/A#)
I'm not dangerous

When you're mine,

(#9)      (/A#)
I'll be generous

               G#m7     A#m7
You're irreplaceable

A collectible

Just like fine China

The song continues just like that for a little bit more. The verse and chorus is 
all the same chords. 
When the bridge comes along, its the exact same chords and rhythm as the verses/
chorus. It just might be a little tricky since Chris Brown is singing all over the 
place, but if you listen closely you can easily pick out the chord changes.

If you think theres a mistake just let me know at 
I hope this was useful! :)
Добавлено: 15.02.2014
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