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Choir - Like A Cloud - таба, видео

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Choir - Like A Cloud - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
		   Like A Cloud - The Choir
    Speckled Bird

Capo up two frets

Riff 1
A |----2-------2---------2------------|
E |----------------0-----------------0|
B |-----------------------------------|

Intro: Riff 1 (played twice)

Verse:                           D
        I wanna float you like a cloud
        G5                       D             G5
        I wanna drink you like a flower drinks rain
                               D     G5
        I wanna lift you up to heaven

Chorus:       F
        Now I can't get you
        Off the ground
                 Em              A
        When you wear such heavy shoes
        But I'll keep trying
        F                Em            D
        Because I really want to float you

        Like a cloud
        I wanna drink you like a flower drinks rain
        I wanna lift you up to heavenly places
        And be you to remain

        I never meant to
        Make you cry
        I don't want to bring you down
        When I'm descending hold on tightly
        I always turn around

        I wanna float you like a cloud
        I wanna swallow you like flowers swallow rain
        I wanna go with you to heavenly places
        Then beg you to remain

   Pick through the chords marked, don't strum. If I knew the pattern I'd
   give it, but I don't. Some of the chords are probably wrong or in the
   wrong spot. I think it will work if you just work with it.
   Effects. Derri is playing some kind of distorted tremolo thing that is
   just absolutely incredible. Someone plays keys of some sort and their
   is a very nice orchestra type part that is impossible to figure out.
   Definitely very cool. (courtesy of Mike Prewett)

Добавлено: 22.08.2013
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