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Cheryl Wheeler - Summer Fly - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cheryl Wheeler - Summer Fly - аккорды и текст, видео

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Summer Fly
Cheryl Wheeler
Am                                                        Dm     
In another younger day I could dream the time away in the universe inside my room.
                                   E7             Am
And the world was really mine from June until September. 

And if it wasn't really so, well I was lucky not to know, 
And I was lucky not to wonder why, 
          E7                          Am
Cause a starry night is all that I remember. 
Chorus 1 
Am                            F     
Summerfly was buzzing every night when I was young,
       E7                                 Am   
In the gentle world my child like senses knew.
Am                                         F
When the world was just my cousin and the wind was just the tongue,
          E7                            Am
In the voice my lonely moments listened to. 
Verse 2 
And I look at me today and the dreams have gone away,  and I'm where I never thought I 'd be. 
Seeing things I never thought I would see happening to me. 
 And I lay awake at night while the darkness turns to light, 
Hearing voices calling out my name. 
Droning over and again the same message to me. 
Chorus 2 
Crying who's your partner, who's your darling, who's your baby now. 
Who wakes up at night to pull you in. 
Well, it don't matter you'll just make her lonely anyhow, 
I don't know why you even try to win.

F                    G                   Am
Oh this'll never fly, get out while you can
Dm              C              G
Look into the mirror say it's not the same again
F                  G            Am
Every single time, Makes us fall apart
Dm              C               G               E7
Slamming door, slipping pride, sad and angry heart

Repeat Chorus 2
Добавлено: 29.08.2015
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