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Cherie Call - I Just Knew - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cherie Call - I Just Knew - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Just Knew
Cherie Call
I Just Knew
(Cherie Call and Tyler Castleton)

C       G E7/G#         Amin9   Fadd2

        C        G              E7/G#           Amin9   Fadd2                   
He's the son of a king, but He came to us with nothing

                G/B             Amin    C/F
No purple robe, no crust of bread

G(no3rd)  C        G                 E7/G#      Amin9   Fadd2
With His soft tiny hands, He reached out for me to hold Him

                        G/B     Cadd2
There was no crown upon his head

    Bbadd2                                      F/A
So I guess that I should not have been surprised

      Bbadd2                    C  Dmin  C/E        F
When I saw the human tears in His holy infant eyes

       Amin7          F                 Cadd2/E
And no one ever taught me how to sing

   Dmin         E7/G#        Asus4      A
A lullaby for the son of a mighty king

Amin                    D/F#
But when I held Him in my arms

        Gadd2              C/E            Fadd2   Dmin7
And I rocked Him just the way that mothers do,

G7sus4          C       G       E7/G#   Amin9   Fadd2
 I just knew

C               Gsus4     G   E7/G#        Amin9
Just as we knew he would be, He lived so selflessly

F                  G/B     Amin Fmaj9   G
He was a legend in the land

C               Gsus4           G   E7/G#                       Amin9
People came from far and wide, they looked at Him with pleading eyes

Fadd2                   G/B       Cadd2
Longing for the healing in His hands

Bbadd2                          F/A
And in those endless busy days

Bbadd2              C      Dmin     C/E         F
He still had time for me, He always found a way

  Amin7           F             Cadd2/E 
And no one ever told me how to love

Dmin            E7/G#                   Asus4   A
A healer and a teacher sent from up above

A            Amin7      D/F#
But when He cared for me and helped me

        Gadd2           C/E        Fadd2        Dmin7
In the tender way that only He could do, 

G7sus4          C       C/E     Fadd2
I just knew

    G      Amin         Dmin7           C/E     Gsus4   G       C/E
In sunlit moments I could see me in the traces of His smile

Fadd2   G       G/A   Amin      Dmin7
I know He came from me

            C/E            Gsus4        E/G#
But He was better than this world would allow

Amin            Fadd2           Cadd2   G/B
I could not save Him when He died

Amin                 C/G                    D/F#                   Fsus2        C7M/F   Fadd9
Now it seems that He's the one who holds me when I cry

Amin            Fsus2           Cadd2/E
And everybody asks me how I'm sure

         Dmin           E7/G#           Asus4   A
That the little boy I raised is our Redeemer

        Amin                    D/F#
I could list the dreams and prophecies

    G               C/E                 Fadd2
And miracles that prove His mission true

                Gsus4   G       C/E
But in all honesty

        Dmin7           C/E
Every moment I was with him,

Gsus4           C       G       E7G#
I just knew

Amin9   Fadd2   G/B     Cadd2

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