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Cheap Trick - Ghost Town - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Cheap Trick - Ghost Town - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Ghost Town
Cheap Trick
		   Ghost Town
Cheap Trick
Written by R. Neilsen, D Warren
Album: Lap of Luxury (1988)

Intro:  F / Dm  /  Am / Bb

        F / Dm  /  Am / Bb

Verse 1:
           F                                C
Well the streets are all crowded, lots of people around
             Dm                   Bb
And there's music playing, but I can't hear a sound
           F                          C
Just the sound of the rain falling silently down
  Dm                              Bb
Livin' aint been livin' since you put me down

       Dm        C             G
Yeah, Life goes on around me every day,
        Dm               C              G
but it might as well be half a million miles away

             F           Dm
It's like a ghost town without your love
        Am          Bb
Like a ghost town without your love
         F               Dm
Like a ghost town, baby can't you see-ee?
        Am        Bb
It's a ghost town   until you come back to me

  F / Dm    Am / Bb

Verse 2:
        F                             C
Well I wish I still had you, had you here next to me
      Dm                    Bb
Baby where did you go, baby why did you leave?
             F                             C
Though the world it keeps turnin', but it don't turn for me
    Dm                               Bb
Without you in my life, my life aint no place to be

Pre-Chorus 2:
  Dm            C             G
There's only lonely days and empty nights
           Dm               C
Ain't the same without you baby
            G                         Am
Nothing's feeling right, nothing's feeling right


       Dm        C          G     Dm         C     G
Darlin, I Wanna leave this town, don't wanna be around
Dm          C          G
I'm gonna leave this town


Repeat chorus and fade     
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