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Charlie Puth - Go Round - аккорды и текст, видео

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Charlie Puth - Go Round - аккорды и текст, видео

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Go Round
Charlie Puth
| Bbm Db |    | Db F# |

|Db |   |
  I gotta have you now,

it's not an option.
|Db F#|  |
  You're taking off your 

blouse and I'm watching.
|Bbm |   |                            
  In front of your mirror, 

I turn the curtain down.
|F# |   |
  I couldn't be any clearer 
what we're gonna do now.

                    |Bbm Ebm|   |
  I wanna see you riding 

and grinding and
|F# |               |Eb Ebm|   
  We're gonna get it right 
                |Ebm Ebm F# Bbm|
we're colliding we're
|Bbm|   |   |
Gonna have to keep quiet 
               |Ab F#|
trying to keep it down.

You're taking off my shirt 
for another go round. 
|Bbm|   |Ab F#|   |   |                      
             For another go round.
|Eb |Eb F#|Bbm|   | 
             For another go round.

|Ebm|F# |Bbm|   | 

|F# Ebm|            |Db Ebm|   |   |
 I gotta have you now, just can't take it.

I wanna put you down 

when we're faded.
|Bbm|   |
  At the top of your lungs, 

you'll be screaming my name.
|F# |   |
  And we've gone too far to 

call it all the way.
|Bbm|                  |Bbm Eb|
  I'll pick you up and lay you on the kitchen counter.
|F# |
Say you couldn't do without it, 
I'm okay if you're about it.
     Down on every direction, 
|Bbm Ab|
     got me hypnotized.
|F# |                |F# Ab|
  I'm hallucinating, going out of my mind.
|Bbm|   |
      For another go round
|F# |   |                 |Eb |   |
      For another go round

|Bbm|   |   |   |   |   |
|F# |F# Ab|Bbm|Bbm Ab|

|F# |   |
  It's like every other evening 
|Bbm|   |
let me see what you can do.
   |F# |   |
Yeah, oh oh oh I got all this paper, 
|Bbm|   |
let me throw it all on you.

For another go round.
|Eb Ab| Ebm |Bbm Db| Bbm |                    
                       For another go round.
|Bbm Ebm| Db Ebm| Bbm |   |Ab |   | Bbm |
Добавлено: 10.03.2016
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