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Charlie Poole - The Letter That Never Came - аккорды и текст, видео

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Charlie Poole - The Letter That Never Came - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Letter That Never Came
Charlie Poole
"The Letter That Never Came"

Intro: D   A   D   Bbdim - (2 counts each)

"Is there any mail for me?"

        Bbdim               Bm
Was the question that he asked                               
       E                             Asus4    A
Of the postman at the closing of the day

But he turned away and sighed
        G                 D

While a tear stood in his eye
      D                    Em            D

As he drooped his head and slowly walked away

Was it from a gray-haired mother?

Or a sister, or a brother?
   G                              D

He waited all these many years in vain

Oh, from early morning light
         G                 D

He would wait 'til dark at night
           D         Em            D         Bbdim

For the letter but, alas, it never came

As he waited all these years
    Bbdim            Bm

Joy mingled with his tears                               
         E                           Asus4    A

His poor soul had faded out with the tide

In his hand he held a note
          G               D

And those simple words he wrote
        D                 Em             D

"If the letter comes just place it by my side"
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