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Charlie Peacock - Dear Friend - аккорды и текст, видео

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Charlie Peacock - Dear Friend - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dear Friend
Charlie Peacock
		   From Mon Jun 12 15:28:29 1995

Here's another song for the archive...

 This is an old one by Charlie Peacock.  It's a beautiful song, with a really
 powerful message about God's timing.  The chords are kind of repetitive, but
 you can make it sound really good if you finger pick on the verses, and
 then strum on the chorus.  Any questions, please mail me.

                        Dear Friend
                        Charlie Peacock

        G               D                 Cmaj9                
Dear friend, there's a story goin'round says you're gonna be married=
    G                           D 
But you've been sayin'that for years,
and there can be no wedding without a groom
     G              D             Cmaj9
You said he's gone away to make a place for you and Him
       G               D                  Cmaj9     
Oh you know He's gonna come back, but you just don't know when

      G            D           Cmaj9
Dear friends He is not slow in keeping His promises
    G         D     Cmaj9
As some understand slowness to be
        G                D              Cmaj9
Keep a watch out, don't lose faith, He said He would come for you
 G          D            Cmaj9
He's gonna come for you, you wait and see

      G              D          Cmaj9
Dear friend, people joke, they laugh and they make fun
          G            D         Cmaj9
When you tell 'em all about the groom who's gonna come
G                D                         Cmaj9
He's been gone a long long time, are there any doubts to confess
        G                D         Cmaj9
C you wonder if you're ever gonna wear that wedding dress

Cmaj9: 030230  (A regular C would be 010230)

I use a standard D, and I form the G with only two fingers
(i.e. 3000x3  muting the A string with the finger that's making the root G)

-- Just my suggestions...

                                        Enjoy, and God Bless
                                          Chris Slater

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