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Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere - текст песни, видео

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Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere - текст песни, видео

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The back water done rolled lord, and tumbled, drove me down the line.
The back water done rolled and tumbled, drove poor Charley down the line.
Lord, i'll tell the world the water done struck Drew's town.

Lord the whole round country, lord creek water is overflowed.
Lord the whole round country, man, is overflowed.
(spoken: you know, i can't stay here, i'm bound to go where it's high boy.)
I would go to the hill country, but they got me barred.

Now looky now, in Leland, Lord, river is rising high.
Looky here, boys around Leland tell me river is raging high.
(spoken: boy, it's rising over there, yeah.)
I'm going over to Greenville, bought our tickets, good bye.

Looky here, the water dug out, Lordy, levee broke, rolled most everywhere.
The water at Greeville and Leland, Lord, it done rose everywhere.
(spoken: boy, you can't never stay here.)
I would go down to Rosedale, but they tell me there's water there.

Back water at Blytheville, backed up all around.
Back water at Blytheville, done struck Joiner town.
It was fifty families and children. Tough luck, they can drown.

The water was rising up in my friend's door.
The water was risins up in my friend's door.
The man said his womenfolk, "Lord we'd better go".

Oh Lordy, women is groaning down.
Oh Lordy, women and children sinking down.
(spoken: Lord have mercy.)
I couldn't see nobody home, and was no one to be found.
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