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Charlene Kaye - Oh Howard - аккорды и текст, видео

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Charlene Kaye - Oh Howard - аккорды и текст, видео

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Oh Howard
Charlene Kaye
Okay, this is the first thing I submit (oh yaaay!). I figured it out on my own and 
I think it comes close so have fun :)

Capo +1
               A             D            A                 D
He's wearing cargo-pants and raybans, he blows through the door

      A           D        A        D
He's into phychedilia and blues

       A                D               A          D
He's quoting Clement Greensberg, he's pacing the floor

      A                            A           A     
Each word comes out as sweet as vermouth

  E                       D                A
Modernist french painting was never so interesting

               E                          D                C# 
I'd like to spend my every night and weekend in auditorium D

     F#m           D                      Bm
Oh Howard! You're sight for sore eyes to see

     F#m        D                              A
Oh Howard! You don't know what you're doing to me

     D                              F#m
You don't know what you're doing to me,no

     D                      DDD    
You don't know what you do

A      D       A        D        A          D           A          D

A        D      A         D         A       A        A        A
Babababaaa babababaa

      A              D          A           D
I'm never late to lecture, sit way in the back

     A               D           A (strum once)
And try to keep my hands at my sides

           A              D             A             D    
I'm not looking at the paintings and I know that it's wrong

       A               D          A   A7
Cuz I hear he's got a kid and a wife

       E                    D
But I love when he says my name

D                            A
"Charlene, how can I help you today?"

        D                           A             Bm
As my words fall down all over the place but no matter

                     Bm                                    C#
He makes my heart patter, I'd have him chatter my whole life away

        D                      C#        E     D     C     B
All through the day ... ooooh ooooh oooh ooh

Oh I'm thinking this could be bad

                         C#                                       F#m
After all, you've been here just as long as my dad has

        D                                     E
But age is but a number so I'm still gonna say:

              D                                       E
What a mind! What a man! Howard, marry me today!

                    D                                A
Cuz you're handsomer than George Clooney

                      D                            F#m
You'd never mention your Harvard degree

        D                      F#m
You like the word burgeoisie and

         D                                           F#m           D (let ring)                
You don't know what you're doing to me no you don't know what you do...

     A         D            A             D            A            D
To me! Wohooo wohoooo wohooooo ooooooooooh

A       D    A         D       A        A        A         A (end on A7)
Babababaa babababaa

Well that's it! I hope you had fun playing! Soon there will be more Charlene Kaye chords here :)
Добавлено: 17.09.2013
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