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Chamillionaire - My Money Gets Jealous - текст песни, видео

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Chamillionaire - My Money Gets Jealous - текст песни, видео

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I said I'll never cheat on my money

It's funny how hoes don't believe me

Mr. Mannhatta and Cattahatta, 

But gave it to me cause I'm greedy

Don't be touchin all on my money because that makes my honey look slezzy

Getin paid is like good sex because my money comes easy.

My fat stack be the reason

Nappy head hoes try to trap me

They be like, Don't he look exactly like my son? He the papi

Haters be makin my dough unhappy

You should give me my propas

Makin my cash a proper

Instead of comin to pop ya


Don't blame us 

For visions of princess cuts on our fingers

Big houses, candy paint and big swangers, Aaaa

If it aint bout no money 

Don't call my pager

My money gets jealous

Blame us,

We ballin so hard they think we truck slangas

We just entertainer don't piont ya fingers, Aaaa

Aint bout no money don't call my pager 

My Money gets jealous


Listen, See I used to sit at a bus stop and try to holla at a broad

I'll ask her for her number to call

And she'll tell a playa Naw

Take a bus a block and stop

I'd hop in my candy car

With Texas plates

Pop the trunk 

While my neon lights say Awwww

I bet you feel stupid

Got to confess the truth is

Bullit proof vest on chest

So I can't get shot by cupid

Man man, I'm the man 

The ladies don't undersand

That I can marry me grand

With no weddin Band or best ma

Repeat 1st Chorus Verse

Ding dong, Who is it Here lizard lizard

Pretty red bones

in high yellows 

In high heels try to get us

They treat them like some cinderallas 

 (My money get jealous)

Bon wouldn't let us 

Ball on 20in propellas

Tellin us the police is comin to get us

 (My money gets jealous)
Добавлено: 29.11.2013
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