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Chadwick Stokes - Dead Badger - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chadwick Stokes - Dead Badger - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Badger
Chadwick Stokes
This tab is for the album recording. When performing it live, Chad tends to tune his guitar down 
a half-step.

G                  C        G
Dead badger in the backseat feel that
G                         C           G
Know it's coming when the rain don't feel right
A                   Em             
Little sister all i want is just to steer right
A             C             D           G
Can we go collecting in the good night

as i live and breathe you wont believe
                   C          B
who i saw just the other week
A              D                 G      D
stayed for a night and then kept moving

I fed her just as much as I could
                        C                B
Fed her like a backseat man gone good
A                 D                       G        D   C
She asked me if I could look after her accordion

Chorus- 2x

Verse 2
She got picked up by a tour bus late one night
                                     C          B
she was sleeping with her dog in the neon light
A                D                        Em       D
in the middle of nowhere, she said let me off here

I'll bury that badger, but I won't bury him deep
                C                 B
just in case he starts to breathe
A             D                      Em         D  C
wrap him in a dish towel to keep his body warm

Chorus 3- 2x
Run: G F#-Em G-B D B 

Bridge 1
Em        D
And all our love
Em        D     B
and all our love
Em        D
and all our love
is on the rise (2x)

Bridge 2
Em        Am     Cm
And if it has to rain all day
G        Bm
maybe we all can slip away
C               Am                  D
and go to where badgers breathe and you,
find your company

Bridge 1- 4x
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