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Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Jean-Jacques Goldman, Eliot Kennedy
Авторы музыки: Bryan Adams

Let's Talk About Love
Celine Dion
Declaration: I declare that this file is my own work and not copied from 

SONG : Let's Talk About Love
ARTIST : Celine Dion

COMMENT : 	This is a beautiful song, with well thought of lyrics,
		which touches the heart of anyone who hears it. It's beauty
		can only be compared to the voice that sung this wonderful
		number. Please feel free to e-mail me for any details...

TABBED BY:	Shiroy Choksey, Pune, India. (

	C            C7M          Am             Am7
1.	Everywhere I go all the places that I ......
	        F             F7          Dm              Dm7
	Every smile^Òs a new horizon on a land I've never seen
	            G                 G7               C      C7M      F
	There are people around the world - different faces different names
	      Dm               Dm7           G                  G7
	But there's one true emotion that reminds me we're the same...
	Lets talk about love

2.	From the laughter ...
	There's a thread ...
	As subtle as a ...
	From the very first sweet melody ...

                         C    C7M  
Ch : 	Lets talk about love,
            	 Am   Am7
	Lets ... us,
		  Dm  Dm7
	Lets ... life
	           G    G7
	Lets ... trust,
		   C     G
	Lets ... love.

Solo : BmEmCAmCF

	            F            F7M           Dm                 Dm7
3.	It's the king of all who live and the queen of all g... .....
	          Bb                         Bb7             Gm              Gm7
	It's the ace you may keep up your sleeve - 'til the name .. ... ... ....
	    C           C7              F      Fma7    Bb
	As deep as any sea - with the rage of any    .....
	         Gm          Gm7             C           C7
	But as gentle as a falling leave on any autumn m...

	           F           F7M  
Ch : 	Lets ... love - ...  needin',
	         Dm          Dm7
	Lets ... us - ... breathin'
		  Gm        Gm7
	Lets ... life - ... you,
	 	  C            C7
	Lets ... trust - ... show you
	Lets ... love...

Добавлено: 07.11.2013
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