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Casseurs Flowters - Si Facile - таба, видео

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Casseurs Flowters - Si Facile - таба, видео

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Hey, this is my first tab ! The song is "si facile" from The Casseurs Flowters
BUT this is the basic riff, I didn't know the differents variations but that sound great without them (you can
write a comment please if you have them or if I write something wrong ^^)
You should try with the song to learn
Enjoy !
(sorry for my english, i'm a french frog)

You need a capo on the 3rd  fret and everything is written relative to the capo.

Chords used:
Am :x02210
G  :320003
C  :x32010

Basic riff (all song):


But from ~2:27 to ~2:47 you can play the chords in this order : Am G C G (listen the song for the rythmic)

Thanx a lot guys ! :)
Добавлено: 03.05.2016
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