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Carson Cole - Jesus Is A Biker Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carson Cole - Jesus Is A Biker Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jesus Is A Biker Man
Carson Cole
Jesus is a Biker Man-Carson Cole a great enertainer and song writer from Edmonton Alberta
Verse 1

G          D        C        G     C           G            C     D        
A little boy in his grandpas hands went to the funeral of a biker man
    C              B           A         G             D   DSUS
His daddy passed a semi with a bad cross wind and went away
         G          D                C       G
He said, looks like grandpa from the cars outside 
C                   G                C          D
Mercedes Benzes and Lincolns are the cars Jesus drives
    C           B            A             G         D
And daddy was a biker and he didnt wear ties, is he ok?

Verse 2
        B             C         D                  G
The old man eyes grew wet as he stared down at the box
   B                   C             D          G
He remembered too many arguments and hardly any talks
       B                  C                           D             Em
But he bit his lip and he straightened up to help the child to understand
     B           C          D   DSUS
Your daddy wasnt perfect son    but
Jesus is a biker man

   G     F#   C D     G  F#         C   D
He rides on water, He sleeps in the sand
   G     F#      Em            Am
He lends out his shoulder, And dances to the band
Does the best that he can, 
   G      F#     C      D     G       F#      C     D     
He stands up for freedom, And reaches out his hand
G        F#    Em       Am     
He rides on water, Your Daddys in good hands
      C          D     G
Cause Jesus is a biker man
Repeat Verse 2
C          B  G
Jesus is a Biker
Добавлено: 08.09.2013
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