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Carolyn Arends - Last Thursday - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carolyn Arends - Last Thursday - аккорды и текст, видео

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Last Thursday
Carolyn Arends
		   Last Thursday (Call Me Crazy)
By: Carolyn Arends
Artist: Carolyn Arends
CD: Feel Free
Phil Martin

G                  C             G             C
I think it was last Thursday - I went to see my friend
   G               C        G                  C
We drank some Coca Cola, we laughed a while and then
   Em                       D
We dove into philosophy and politics and sin
The way we do
   G                 C           G                 C
He told my he'd been looking the cold truth in the eyes
   G            C          G             C
He told me my religion was wishing in disguise
   Em                           D
He said "The only Savior is the one inside your mind"
            Am G      Am
And I said "if that's true - Then you can

Em      D            C               G
Call me crazy 'cause I don't want to live that way
Em      D      C               G
Call me lazy - I don't want to work that hard
Em      D      C                      G            F
Call me crazy, but I don't think that I can save myself

             G               C        G             C
You see I've read a thousand pages on how to help myself
     G                  C          G           C
To a thousand different ways to perfect mental health
      Em                                      D
And I swear I've tried them all and I'm still needing something else
            Am  G   Am
And I think you are too

G you can

           D                              A
And furthermore I still believe in what I cannot see or touch
C                                        G
Crazy things like dreams and prayers and faith and hope and love
             D                                  A
And I know a life without these things is not a life at all
           C                       Am

G you can call it sanity but then you'll have to call me crazy
(c) 1997 Running Arends Music/New Spring Publishing, a div. of Brentwood Music Pub., Inc. (ASCAP)
Добавлено: 23.06.2013
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