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Carol King - Its Too Late - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carol King - Its Too Late - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Too Late
Carol King
Title: It's Too Late
Artist: Carole King

notes: Carole King plays the piano and I just arranged the piano chords
for solo acoustic guitar here.  Note that you can substitue a D7 for the
D6 if you prefer the bluesy sound.  I'll put my chord voicing choices at
the bottom but this is all from ear so feel free to choose different

It's Too Late  (Carole King)
Am7    D6     (little riff notes E G A A A G E)      (2x)              

Am7                               D6
Stayed ..
There's ..
Am7                      Gm7                      F7M  
One ..

|        Bb7M                 F7M          
|And ..
|Though ..
|   Bb7M             F7M                Dm7                E7sus4  E7
|Something ..

Am7                               D6
It ..
You ...
Am7                      Gm7                      F7M  
Now .


--instrumental built on alternate chord changes--

Dm7   F7M     G7sus   G7      C7M        F7M      C7M        F7M  

Am7                               D6
There'll ..
But ...
Am7                    Gm7                      F7M  
Still ..


Am7 =  x02010  or 575555
D6 =   200202  or x00777
D7 =   x54500  (it is really D13 -5 but it substitutes for D6 well)
Dm7 =  x57565
F7M    xx3210
Bb7M   x13231
Gm7    353333
E7sus4 0797 10 7   or 020200
E7     079797      or 020100
G7sus4 353533
G7     353433
C7M    x35453
Добавлено: 11.08.2013
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