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Carl Smith - Hey Joe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carl Smith - Hey Joe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Boudleaux Bryant
Авторы текста: Boudleaux Bryant
Hey Joe
Carl Smith
Hey Joe by "Carl Smith"

Hey Joe  ---  Where'd You Find That Pearly Girly

Where'd You Get That Jolly Dolly
How'd You Rate That Dish I Wish Was Mine......

Hey Joe  ---  She's Got Skin That's Creamy Dreamy

Eyes That Look So Lovey Dovey
Lips As Red  As Cherry Berry Wine......

Now Listen Joe.... I Ain't No Heel....
                     D              G
But Ol' Buddy Let Me Tell You How I Feel

She's A Honey She's A Sugar Pie
I'm Warnin' You I'm Gonna Try To Steal..... Her From You.....

Hey Joe  ---  Though We've Been The Best Of Friends
This Is Where Our Friendship Ends
  A                           D
I Gotta Have That Dolly For My Own

Hey Joe  ---  Come On Let's Be Buddy Duddies

Show Me You're My Palsie Walsie
Introduce That Pretty 'LiL Chick To Me

Hey Joe  ---  Quit That Waitin' Hesitatin'

Let Me At Her What's The matter
You're As Slow As Any Joe Can Be

Now Come On Joe Let's Make A Deal
                         D             G 
Let Me Dance With Her To See If She Is Real

She's The Cutest Girl I've Ever Seen
I'll Tell You Face To Face I Mean To Steal... Her From You...

Hey Joe  ---  Now We'll Be Friends Until The End

This Looks Like The End My Friend
  A                            D                 A                            D
I Gotta Have That Dolly For My Own..... Hey Joe... I Gotta Have That Dolly For My Own....

Добавлено: 10.12.2015
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