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Carl Barat And The Jackals - A Storm Is Coming - аккорды и текст, видео

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Carl Barat And The Jackals - A Storm Is Coming - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Storm Is Coming
Carl Barat And The Jackals
Tabbed by: finnrain
Tuning: Standard Tuning
Not sure on the lyrics but you can work them out for yourselves

Intro: Cm Gm Cm Gm D# Bb D Gm D# Bb F

Verse 1:
Cm                 Bb         F
Rain rain rain for 40 days to wash away the faithless sons
Cm                   Bb                F
They say when all is said and done the rains will come the rains will come
Cm         Bb                F
Tiger tiger burning bright a reckoning will come tonight
Cm                       Bb                F
Were born with masks and bred to lie we'll have to try the heavens sigh

D#          Bb D
   I dont mind 
               Gm        D#
I know a storm is coming 
             Bb         D         Gm D#
Things wont ever be the same again
                     Bb D
You can run this time 
                 Gm      D#
It has to be now or never
            Bb            F
Sooner or later it has to end

Verse 2:(Same chords as Verse 1)
  Cm             Bb                  F
I saw your mark, it's on the wall so nothing else will hurt at all
     Cm              Bb             F
When they all go the other way this world it ours and we will stay
    Cm                  Bb            F
The cloud throws up the dying sky the rivers rise the flames are high 
    Cm                 Bb                  F
Now they can sail with all the thieves and we can watch the last ship leave

Chorus X2
Добавлено: 16.05.2015
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