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Carissas Wierd - Ugly Valentine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Carissas Wierd - Ugly Valentine - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Ugly Valentine
Carissas Wierd
Okay, so this is kind of like the demo from Scrapbook. I prefer to play this 
version, and it sounds really cool on acoustic.

Standard tuning.

Intro goes like this.


Then just play:

They're all gone now.

Took a long time

You're the only one,

Who'd be my valentine.

I didn't want that

To drive you crazy

Should have done something

Guess i'm lazy

F            C
Feeling down low now

G                    Am
Someone tell me what i should do

F                       C
Because i've never been perfect

G                    Am
But i never meant to drag down you so

F                  C
If i'm dragging you down now

G                   Am
I could wait in the lost and found

F                         C
Just promise me you'll be perfect

G                       Am               F
And i promise that i'll come around sometimes

    C      G         Am
To saaaay hello all smiles

The next part continues until the end of the song
It's three chords. Play them like this.
(I like to just play the first three strings then add in the rest as I build up toward the end.)

Am               G                F
-5------------   -3------------   -1------------
-5------------   -3------------   -1------------
-5------------   -4------------   -2------------
-7------------   -5------------   -3------------
-7------------   -5------------   -3------------
-5------------   -3------------   -1------------

So, for now, just play the first three strings:

Am         G           F
Maybe it's time to let go

Am                    G               F
Probably doesn't even weigh that much now

So i'll drop it

I'll turn around fast

I'll shake your hand and take

Six steps back

Am                    G
We'll have a seat and another cigarette

We'll have a drink for nothing to regret (Start building up and adding the rest of the chord)

Am                         G
We'll clap our hands when, when we hear that sound

Won't be sad now

Won't be feeling down

We could live or die

Have a great time

I'll be your valentine

An ugly valentine

We could live or die

Have a great time

You'll be my valentine

A perfect valentine

(Strum once for each chord)
Am                    G                F 
We could live and die be my valentine. Be my valentine

This was my second tab.
Hopefully this was cool.
If you have corrections comment them.
Thank you.
Добавлено: 23.11.2013
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