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Caravan - Policeman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Caravan - Policeman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Policeman - Caravan 

|B - A - |G6 - F7M   - |B - A - |G6 - F7M   - | 

B                               C#7
We can see you creeping, Mr.Policeman
  E                    D            B
Looking through the keyhole in the door
Taking notes of all that floats
With the beat your marching feet
     E         D
Shiny shoes, looking for clues
Do come in, we'll offer you a rissole
        D                              E
If you will only blow your whistle for me
And then we'll be good, I know we should
Take the time to change our minds
  D                               B
We will pay our parking fines - sure!

B                                C#7
I'm the same as you, please Mr.Policeman
 E                      D7             B
It's just, I'd like to stay behind my door
 B                              C#7
You can't stop me laughing Mr.Policeman
   E             D                C
Better find out what I'm smiling for
No, I ain't broke the law
Hey man, don't put me in your van
        D                            C
Please see it's free, I wanna be to dig the scene
Ah, weed the green

|A - G - |F - E7 - |D9 - C - |B - - - | (11 bars)
      C-          G     F7                C
Oh, forty people more locked behind the door
       E    E7
In the bathroom
   D#             G           C
Hope you don't go in for at least an hour
          D#           G                B7
They're taking it in turns to have a shower

[A7    G    F7    E7    D9   C7   B]
Repeat verse 1
at the end: "soon!" rather than "sure!"

da Raffaele.
Добавлено: 05.08.2015
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