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Cara Dillon - Lonesome Scenes Of Winter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cara Dillon - Lonesome Scenes Of Winter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lonesome Scenes Of Winter
Cara Dillon
Cara Dillon - The Lonesome Scenes Of Winter


[VERSE 1:]
                         C   G
As the lonesome scenes of winter
     C      D        G
Came stormy winds to blow
                 C   G
Clouds around the centre 
  C         D         G
Inclined to frost and snow

[VERSE 2:]
           Em       C     D   C
You're the boy that I have chosen
   G          C  D
To be my only dear__
     G                 C  G
Your scornful heart is frozen 
    C       D     Em
And drifted far I fear

[VERSE 3:]
    G               C      G
One night I went to see my love
       C           D       G
But he proved most scornfully
                    C     G
I asked him if he'd marry me
       C         D     G
But he would not marry me

[VERSE 4:]
    Em       C     D         C
The night it is far spent, my love
     G                 C  D
It's near the break of day__
     G                C  G
I am waiting for your answer
   C          D      Em
My dear, what do you say?

[INSTRUMENTAL:] G  C  G  Em  G  C  G  Em  G  C  G  Em  G  C

[VERSE 5:]
  G               C    G
I can but plainly tell you
     C      D      G
I'll lead a single life
                   C   G
I never thought it fitting
     C          D     G
That you should be my wife

[VERSE 6:]
   Em     C      D  C
So take a simple answer 
    G               C  D
And for yourself provide__
  G            C    G
I have another sweetheart 
    C          D     Em
And you I have laid aside

[VERSE 7:]
G              C    G
Now my mind is changing 
     C        D       G
That old love for the new
                       C  G
This wide and lonesome valley 
  C       D      G
I mean to ramble through

[VERSE 8:]
   Em        C       D   C
In search of someone handsome 
     G              C  D
That might my fancy fill__
     G                 C        G
This world is wide and lonesome
   C        D        Em
If he don't, another will

[OUTRO:]    (## repeat and fade to end ##)
         G  C  G  Em  G  C  G  Em  G  C  G  Em
Добавлено: 19.04.2017
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