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Captain Chaos - I Figured Out How I Feel About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Captain Chaos - I Figured Out How I Feel About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Figured Out How I Feel About You
Captain Chaos
simple as hell song. all you need is a capo and an ounce of talent (second 
ingredient is debatable). all chords are relative to the capo so when it says C 
make a C shape. its technically an F# but you can just pretend.

capo on 6th fret.

So I walked into the bank and I gave the teller a note.It said, 
Fill this bag up with cash or I'm gonna slit your throat
I thought for sure my plan would fail and I would end up in jail
But much to my surprise she complied with a smile
So I stepped up to the sunny city street and I realized
That my getaway driver got away without me
So I'd have to walk home, all alone on my own,
With this big gym bag full of money that I stole
F                                G
And the streets were filled with cops and thugs
     C                   F
So I couldn't let on how happy I was
F                      G
I couldn't let em know what I had done
        C                    F                  C           F  
I had to walk real slow even though I wanted to run
I wanted to run

See, at the time I was running low on hope
I was at the end of the end of the end of my rope
And I was down on my luck, so I couldn't give a fuck,
Something made me think I should try to rob a bank
And maybe then my face would finally be in the paper
The reporter would mention that I was a singer
And the people would want to hear my troubled songs
They'd send me letters in jail tellin' me how they liked them
F                          G
And I wouldn't worry about bein' set free
     C                             F
It'd be enough knowin' that people listened to me sing
F                       G
And on the day I was eventually released
C                           F                        C        F
There'd be so many people waitin' out there to meet me
To meet me

Well that was autumn and I walked through the winter
Now it's spring, no, it's nearly summer
And my feet are tired and my hands are so cold
But I'm almost home, just a few blocks to go
But what awaits me there? I do not know
Will there be FBI guys waiting at my door?
Or will the coast be clear? When I finally make it there
After all of this walkin' I don't know if I care
F                  G       
But it would be so nice
   C                        F   
to open up the door and to step inside
F                      G
To throw this bag down on the floor
   C                    F
And not have to worry about it anymore
F                                G  
And I would feed the cat and I would check the mail
        C                            F
Call up all of my friends and let em know I'm not in jail
F                             G
Tell 'em sometimes it's worth all the chances you take
             C                     F                       C     F
And start thinkin' about all the smoothies that I'm gonna make
     C                 F           C        F             C
That I'm gonna make
Добавлено: 25.08.2013
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