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Canterbury - Garden Grows - аккорды и текст, видео

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Canterbury - Garden Grows - аккорды и текст, видео

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Garden Grows
Capo on 5

Why oh, why's the thought of sitting on a, 
the thought of sitting on a cloud so many miles away?
When my head's been innocently floating
in and out of time, and what is today?
Dm                                          F                   E7
Killing time is not what you want to worry about, because it's never ending
Dm                                            F            E7
Throw a hand out, save it for as long as you can, it'll be on your side

But I've been blindly starring out the window,
Staring out the window trying to see the colours collide
     Am                                                 E7
But they won't till I step into the sunlight and take a breath
Suddenly the clouds I want to sit on start moving aside
Dm                                                 F                 E7
To fix a problem you're never going to do it with eyes, you're just wasting more time
Dm                                                  F
To make amends you have to mend, your hands will be fine
They're the perfect tool but...


Am                               E7
Nothing, nothing in the garden grows 
without a little bit of care and attention
    F                             E7
I thought I should mention, from here it seems that nobody knows

Woah, I found out I'm going under, found out I'm going under the waves that used to wave at me
I'm sure I used to think that they were friendly
Until they held me by the chest and filled my lungs with doubt
And said, "breathing's just a luxury we choose to give it out now!"
Let me go I'm sick of being drowned and staying alive, I'm not asking nicely
Cut the ties, close your eyes, take a breath you'll be fine, you can slip right under
Добавлено: 25.08.2015
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