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Camron - Come Home With me - текст песни, видео

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Camron - Come Home With me - текст песни, видео

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[Cam'ron talking]
Aiyo, come on home wit us man Harlem World U.S.A. man
Take a walk wit us on our block man, See how we live, DIP SET!

Yo, yo, Come on home wit me, early '90's it wasn't pearly and shiney
I was so damn grimey
'Cause I ain't have no fresh clothes
Or jewelry wit the X's O's
My house had espestoes
I'm fixin' up a 60 pack, wit a kitty cat
Mice run around the damn sticky trap
Come on home wit me, where my mother found my crack platter
Threw it away so I snapped at her, back slapped her
She picked up a bat, like McGwuier for that matter
Hit me, I was back at her
Come home where I duck the DT's
Line around the corner, but I'm gettin' the free cheese
Come on home wit me, where I stand on my post
Play wit my toast, Been here wit mayonaise and toast
And pepper, many nights I done slept wit a heefer
Any beef came it left on a stretcher KILLA!
Come on home wit me, where they rapidly flossin'
Where I begged Kim to have the abortion
Money, brown bag, extortion
Caution, where there's tragedy often
Relax in a coffin
And the bitch know I'm serious
'Cause I'm never scared ma, unless you miss ya period
So come home wit me
Where the girls wanna come home wit me
They say "Cam if you need dome hit me!"
Love to see the chrome wit me
The car a quarter mil, on the wheels I done blown 50
Dice games blown 50, Jones loan 60
Had crack stones swiftly, Took it home wit me
So come home wit me, where a nigga make star bucks
I'm about to cop a +Starbucks+
I'm the first one wit hard luck
Now I'm at the dealer buying cars...trucks

[Juelz Santana]
Yo come home wit me
To the streets, the slums, the ghettoes
That's come to me
Every night my girl crying "Come home to me"
No! Come home wit me
Where there's so many cops that the block is boiling
The food is spoiled, but that pot wit the rock is boiling
Same pot mommy cook wit, left the oil in
Come home wit me, where these bitches is frauds
Niggas don't listen to broads
They have you sittin' in court wit kids that ain't yours
Come home wit me, where every day the glocks go pop
Where the front door is broke, and them locks don't lock
Come home wit me, dog where the beef is seekin'
Kid's don't trick or treat, they get +tricked+ for +treating+
Come home wit me, where the pistols squeezing
Where niggas twist the cheekin, ripped to pieces are kids get even
Come home wit me, don't leave ya condoms behind
'Cause bitches leave them martians behind
Pray to God that I'm fine
Come on home wit me, come on zone wit me
Come on walk through this cold city
Where these kids need food
Niggas need God, and some bitches need rules
Come on home wit me, where niggas livin' off they last buck
Phonies off, rentings backed up
Come on home wit me, niggas strap up
Hit the streets gats up
Clap up, and get they money back up
Come on home wit me, every block got a crack in it
Every hallway gotta a nigga wit some crack in it
Добавлено: 09.06.2012
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